The purpose of this site is to explore Data Gravity and Data Physics. By explore, we mean embrace with the community in open discussion with a goal of everyone in Software, Networking, Data, and Compute benefiting in the long term.

Data Gravity was a concept first described in this blog post.

Since that post there has been a great deal of discussion about the concept:
What Data Gravity means to your Data
How the Law Dictates Data Gravity in the Cloud
Data Gravity the reason for a cloud’s success
Data Gravity in a converged infrastructure
Does Data Gravity apply to a converged infrastructure?
PaaS meets Data Gravity (Podcast/Cloudcast)
Data Gravity
SQL Server Central Forum Discussion on Data Gravity

Now the Data Gravity concept/analogy is being extended, in the hopes of a formulaic approach to calculating not only Data Gravity, but all sorts of Data Physics models, formulas, Application Mass and other new areas.

-Dave McCrory

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